Why Should You Invest Time And Money On Growth Tactics That Don 't Scale?

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Last week, my friend received a charming hand-written note from a monthly wine club she recently joined. It was addressed by hand, the welcome note was written by her personal “wine concierge,” and it contained four $30 Off coupons to give to friends.

But what impressed me (and my friend, since she’s a copywriter) is the words in that handwritten note.
“We are a new company and growing fast.”
“Please help us continue to grow by sharing these referral cards with friends – you’ll earn free vino if they join.”
With that simple call-to-action asking the recipient to share the referral cards with friends (for free wine – who doesn’t love that?), Bright Cellars delivered a customer development tactic that may not scale, but will definitely help them grow.
Image published with the permission of CopyMuse.
Why should you invest time and money in growth tactics that don’t scale?
Your first users, the ones you gather before you’re Microsoft-size-huge, are your foundation in so many ways. By delighting them, you send a message to your employees (and everyone else) that customer service and success are truly your core values. And, by focusing so much attention on making your first users happy, you’ll do what every startup dreams of: You’ll nail both acquisition and retention, while cultivating a horde of active, engaged, enthusiastic brand advocates.
Young companies like Bright Cellars are doing everything right by making the extra effort to make early users feel like signing up was
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