Why Should Your Business Care About Social Responsibility?

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The Entrepreneur magazine article, “Why Should Your Business Care About Social Responsibility?” was written by Jeffrey Hayzlett, a renowned show host, author, and speaker. The aforementioned article connects to the second chapter of the book, Contemporary Business, by Gene Boone and David Kurtz. Throughout his article, Hayzlett explicitly praises the usefulness of a company’s ability to be socially responsible in its venture to be profitable. Hayzlett makes it clear that businesses that are socially responsible get consumers who are willing to “pay more for [the company’s] products and services.” Hayzlett also mentions the fact that consumers demand that “companies change their practices” and apply a “more hands-on approach to making the world a better place.” While 10 years ago social responsibility was ignored and applied only as a medication to heal a company’s bad reputation, now, according to Hayzlett, applying philanthropic business practices has become an abundant tradition amongst rising industries and a response to the consumer demand of “transparency.” In his profound article, Hayzlett encourages businesses to be socially responsible and act as “catalysts of change.” Throughout his article, Hayzlett provides three reasons why mindful social responsibility is beneficial to the surrounding world, and to a corporation’s profitability. First of all, Hayzlett states that corporate social responsibility should be a business’s active plan for 2016. Ignoring social…
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