Why Shouldn T Foxes Be Hunted?

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Have you ever experienced the pain of one of your favorite animals almost going extinct? That is how I feel about foxes. Some of the most beautiful foxes are being hunted right now. In my opinion, foxes are underestimated because people think that they are scary, terrifying, sly creatures that will just sneak up on you and attack, creatures that are always hunting, and creatures that can be used just for the bad or sly character in a movie or book.
I argue that foxes aren't just set on one mode, attack mode. They are either trying to protect their young or trying to get food for their family. They only have one priority. That priority is when they have young, they will always have young. That young has to be alive and well, not hunted down or killed or
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This sight of foxes being evil and sly creatures shouldn’t be abused and used for stuff like movies. This should be used to see the good in getting along. For example, some of Aesop's fables include foxes as evil or sly creatures that only care about getting food. Well, foxes do eat animals or kill animals for food like in these stories, but they don’t talk or communicate like in those stories because those stories are fictional. What really happens is that they signal for their cubs to stay at the den with one of their family members while one of their family members goes out and hunts. To prove my point in the movie Zootopia, the fox is tricky and wants to make a lot of money. See these elements of what make a fox a fox are taken advantage of every time someone thinks about foxes the wrong way. These aren't nice things to do. It is misrepresenting foxes. At the end of Zootopia the fox is kind this is how we should represent foxes. Imagine if you heard that someone was taking advantage of the things that make you you and writing about them so everyone can see them. Imagine that and then feel the pain it doesn’t feel good does
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