Why Shouldn T Use Police Robots

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In July, for the first time, the police used a robot to kill a man who was shooting on many policemen in Dallas. It was a bombing robot which exploded next to the man and killed him. Many people didn’t like this method of solving the problem. So the basic question is now: Should police use robots in their attempt to confront suspected criminals? My personal opinion is that they shouldn’t do it, because it is a technology which also can be hacked somehow or when there is an error, it could be dangerous for other people. Secondly, it would be unimaginable, if someone would use these for other purposes for example in wars or other crimes. Thirdly, those robots are very expensive, and compared to “normal weapons” it is a big price difference.
In the first paragraph, I’m going to explain why they shouldn’t use police robots, because of technical devices. A police robot is a very dangerous object as they can actually kill people only about electronic device. And as it happens with the new technique sometimes, there can be errors or something can go totally wrong. Furthermore, as an example, if they explode to early and kill or hurt others that would be unbelievable. A human life is unpayable and if another life is lost, because some technique went wrong, on purpose to kill someone else many people would be scared and afraid, according to the
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The fear of the people is, that if they use these robots to kill criminals, it would feel like a little war with heavy bombs directly in the city or area you live. “Haley Sweetland Edwards, when can police use a “Bomb Robot to kill a suspect? -” And if some people use them for the wrong purposes, the world could become even more dangerous as it is now. Including the use of robots in wars, for example. The other soldiers would be killed really quick; they wouldn’t even have a chance. It doesn’t matter that wars are senseless in any kinds. They would become even
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