Why Shouldn’t We Lower the Blood Alcohol Rate? Essay

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Why Shouldn’t We Lower the Blood Alcohol Rate? It is a tragic truth: About 10,000 lives are lost in the United States because of drunk driving each year. Alcohol is wildly known as one of the main reasons of causing social security issue. Small amount can make people feel relaxed, but bigger amount could make them loss their coordination, get feeling of confusion and disorientation, and significantly slowed their reaction time. On average, one person dies every hour because of alcoholic traffic accident in United State. Therefore, the NTSB put out a recommendation last May that the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) level for drivers should be lowered from the current level of .08% to .05%. But for several reasons, we shouldn’t lower the…show more content…
This is in addition to the effect this trend has already had on the food, beverage, bar and restaurant industry. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and while the intention of these laws is to save people’s lives, the implementation can and does cause problems. More important, this law probably won’t do much to reduce drunken driving accident. According to NTSB cites’ statistics, only 8 % of all drivers between .05 to .08 BAC involved in fatal accidents. And that number doesn't even report whether alcoholic impairment caused the accident. NTSB says that .05 is reasonable because driving performance would be affected before a driver reaches .08. That is definitely correct. But plenty of factors could influence driving performance. Medications, electronic distractions, lost sleep, and missed meals could all be the factors of causing accident. Drivers whose BAC is between .01 and .08 is only 5 percent of all highway deaths. The agency predicts that a driver with .05 BAC is 38 percent more likely to crash than the driver who is clear-headed. 38 percent sounds like a lot, but is it really worth to cost that much money and resources to prevent it? Law enforcement never comes free, and the government’s resources are limited. Shouldn’t government spend their limited resources on other worthy
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