Why Slavery Should Not Be Legal

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A) I believe slavery should not be legal because people should stop being lazy, make money they deserve and not own people.* B) The Constitution should not allow slave trade because no matter what skin color people are they 're still people, and people deserve their rights such as freedom, opportunity and equality. C) No northerners should not be forced to turn over runaway slaves because the slaves escaped from where they needed to escape from, they 're now free and deserve to be free. 2. I believe the Federal government to continue this practice because at least it 's a type of payment, you can 't expect much from people in debt and they 're giving what they have available. 3. I believe the bonds issued to soldiers during the…show more content…
Slaves are property and my thirty slaves belong to me. When my slaves try to run away I hire a slave catcher because without them I couldn 't make enough money for my family, which puts my life in danger. The rabble upsets me nearly every time I hear from them. They have no idea what they 're talking about, them voting and all that crap. They should not have any power to make decisions at all, they 're just poor farmers and unemployed people. I 'm very concerned with the rabble and how they even have a little power. You see I 'm very possessive, what 's mine is mine, this is my private property they 're talking about, where my slaves work and I don 't want them taking that away from me. Some unemployed, low wage making folks shouldn 't be threatening the life I 've created. Farmer: I make my living off farming a small amount of land in Massachusetts. It 's very small, it can only grow enough to feed my family and if there 's any left overs we try to sell it for some extra money. But that 's on the good days, on bad days, after the crops have failed, we don 't even have a meal. Growing crops last year did not go well so I had to borrow from the bank to buy new crops to plant this year promising I would pay them back. Now they are demanding I pay them back right away, but I can 't, I can 't even pay the state taxes. I have no idea what to do, but I 'm most worried I 'll end up in jail. I 'm delighted to have someone so courageous to lead
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