Why Smoking Is Harmful On The Periodontium As Cigarettes?

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Running Head: Is smoking hookah as harmful on the periodontium as cigarettes?

Kayleigh J Dow

Old Dominion University: School of Dental Hygiene

Hookah smoking has become a new fixation in our society. It is considered acceptable socially, practiced by many who don’t view it as harming their health. The availability of hookah is rather alarming and people of all ages, races, and religions are participating. There have not been many studies completed on the link between hookah and periodontal disease, but we have known there to be a correlation in cigarette smokers and periodontal disease for years. I will provide information comparing the effects of hookah with cigarettes, in an attempt to demonstrate how hookah use is as harmful on the periodontium as cigarette use.

Hookah smoking has been around for centuries. What began as a cultural practice in the Eastern Mediterranean countries and parts of India, is now on the upward trend, becoming especially popular in the United States in the past decade. The surge of hookah clubs and lounges being opened in cities around the United States is especially appealing to the younger population. These hookah lounges attract young adults and has become an integral part of their social interaction. An increasing number of college age students and young professionals have started participating in this practice, which will have devastating consequences on their oral cavity in the coming years.
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