Why Soccer Is Important Essay

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In the United States, we widely consider soccer inferior to other sports. What is it that makes this game so beautiful? It’s the fact that soccer can appeal to everyone in the entire world. Anyone can play the game whether they are the richest of the richest or the poorest of the poorest. Soccer is a sport that is so widely viewed, yet it has so little attention, specifically in the United States. The comradery, the skills and the fact that soccer appeals to everyone is extraordinary which is why people should start playing! Soccer provides amazing camaraderie among teammates and peers. In soccer, passing the ball around is key to scoring a goal and winning the game. You also have to ready when your teammates pass you the ball as well. A famous…show more content…
Unlike other sports such as baseball, badminton, and tennis, soccer provides hundreds of new skills. When I first started playing soccer, I knew absolutely zero tricks and skills. I soon started learning new skills including one of the most famous ones, the rainbow. I started watching professional soccer players perform tricks and skills that helped them win certain games. If I had not learned any skills or tricks from soccer, I probably would not have been the soccer player I am today. Anyone can become a better soccer player if they truly practice them thoroughly. Hence, the number of skills the game of soccer provides is one of the many reasons the United States should regard soccer as equal to other sports. The beautiful sport of soccer appeals to everyone in the entire world. It is the game of poor and the game of rich. People do not need to buy special balls or gears because all they need is an old net, an old ball, and a strong imagination. People leave their sorrows and wars to come play the game of soccer. The first time Lionel Messi played soccer was with an old ball and a beautiful imagination to inspire the world. No matter what race, color or country you are from, soccer does appeal to everyone all around the world, including the United
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