Why Social Workers Can Not Be Overstated

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1. The importance of understanding the community cannot be overstated. Most people access resources at the community level, regardless of whether the program funding originates at the local, state, or national level. It is at the community level that government is potentially most responsive to individual citizens. Quality-of-life issues are most profoundly confronted at the local level. 2. While the work of all human-service practitioners overlaps in numerous ways, the field of social work is unique because social workers are concerned about human behavior in the context of social environment. 3. Briefly discuss why social workers can be particularly effective in the macro arena. This is because Social Workers are able to recognize a social problem and can help set up the appropriate plan(s) to target the problem. They are able to advocate for new policies to help target these problems, as well. 4. List and describe the three types of communities explored in the chapter and provide an example of each. 1. Spatial communities- A shared space by those of community residents. An example would be a bedroom community. 2. Social communities- A shared interest or characteristics of community members. (Does not have to be geographically placed.) An example would include being a member of the Social Work profession. 3. Political communities- The representation and opportunities of the community members regarding politics. An example would be whether the community was
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