Why Socialism Is A Terrible Thing?

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Have you ever given any time to actually fully understand why Socialism is a terrible thing? Most people will just jump on a bandwagon because a certain party says that it will give them items for free. It makes other people think that they are entitled to other people 's possessions. Making companies a public domain only because the government wants to be in control and make more profit. Making minimum wage a reasonably high price so that everyone will have the same wage even though some jobs are harder than others. The Socialist party in the United States is promising these things and people are falling for them; because they think that they are entitled to someone else’s hard earned money. People tend to see the somewhat good side of everything but hardly ever look to see what the bad side would be. They tend not to look at it because they are to set on how it could benefit them. If Socialists are ok with all this “free” stuff, then they will be giving over more money in taxes than what it would cost to leave it alone. Not paying student loans would be a good thing, but paying for you and the entire population of the United States to go to college is going to cost you more than if you were to take out student loans and pay them off. I am going to prove that there is hideous side to socialism. Socialism Violates personal freedom. It eliminates “injustice” by transferring rights and responsibilities from individuals and families of the state. It completely stops true
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