Why Some Activities Are More Popular Than Others And Why Young People Leave The Club?

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RESEARCH QUESTION The central question that will be addresses by this proposal is: what management believes is the rationale for, and impact of why some activities are more popular than others and why some young people leave the club? RESEARCH AIMS  To review why some activities are more indulging than others and why young people leave the club  Analyse the perspectives of each activity is and the reason behind it.  How to implement a more flexible activities and alternatives to reduce the number of young people leaving LITERATURE REVIEW In the 21st century, the world is so advanced technological that people within the ages of 12-20 have easy access to entertainment in the form of electronic games , animation , social media and indoor entertainment to be precise. (Michalski, 1999) assesses the interaction between the evolution of technology and the development of society will have led to profound changes with regard to when, where and how people work, play and rest; to how, where and what people consume and produce; and to when, where and how they interact with other people. A club gets them out of their rooms to experience nature and have fun. Some of the activities provided at the club requires a high amount of energy and concentration e.g orienteering and archery, therefore may reduce the morale of the younger ones among members and also some members may have disabilities hence why some of these young people may be demotivated and eventually leave the club.
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