Why Some Companies Use Couchbase Instead Of Other Servers Essay

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The couchbase data storage becomes clear when we look at the reasons of why some companies use Couchbase instead of other servers. For instance, LinkedIn has chosen Couchbase to handle the big number of users that is around 225 million members around the world. Couchbase has features like scalability of high data and access availability that the company needs for logging, monitoring and analyzing the activities of their big users. At first LinkedIn used Memcached to store their data, but found that Memcached used independent requests that do not share data between them. This causes data conflict and slows the application performance. Then, LinkedIn replaced Memcached with a Couchbase Server that provides fast and scalable storages to handle their previous and new data (www.couchbase.com). What is Couchbase Mobile? With the development of technology, storing huge data is not the ultimate task of data administrators. They want users to have the ability to share data among multiple mobile devices. So, Couchbase Mobile is defined as NoSQL databases that is used in mobile. It delivers easy access to data either with a network connection or without it. Couchbase Mobile consists of three elements: Couchbase Sync Gateway, Couchbase Lite, and Couchbase Server (www.couchbase.com). The Couchbase Sync Gateway is a way to securely link the data between the mobile and the cloud by using web-facing cloud. Sync Gateway assists the process of synchronization because it provides balance
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