Why Some Criminals Act On Their Impulses The Way They Do

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The third study that was done, is a study that extends the idea of helping to learn why some criminals act on their impulses the way they do. The third study is a research done on the mindsets of criminal’s not only in a community or prison setting, but instead that of one hundred and twenty two inmates that have been diagnosed with mental illnesses. The name of this article is “Criminal Thinking Styles Among People With Serious Mental Illness in Jail” and the major focus of this research was to further the knowledge about the amount of people in not only prisons but jails who have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness and what makes their thinking different from those who are also in jail but were not diagnosed with a mental illness. The research was conducted by four students at the Case Western Reserve University along with one student from the Texas Tech University and was based off of a county jail in a medium sized city somewhere near or in the Midwestern, United States between May of 2011 and May of 2012. Those who the study was conducted on were a one hundred and twenty two inmates at a county jail who have all been diagnosed with a mental illness, all around the age of eighteen to twenty four who are charged with less severe felonies. The methods used in this research were a fifteen minute screening interview for each of the participants and during this interview the MINI model was used to figure out the amount of mental illnesses that are present or have…
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