Why Some People Fail to React or Act during an Emergency Situation

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This is known as the bystander effect. Having others around you makes you feel less responsibility and want to make the correct social decision. If a person were by himself or herself, this effect would not happen because they are not feeling judgment of those around and all the accountability is on them. The articles for this paper look at experiments conducted to test the bystander effect and how participants act according to social norms. For example, the murder of a woman in the middle of a New York street took place and not one of the thirty-eight witnesses helped her. This may seem insane but research shows most people would react the same. Social and group norms have a great influence on the social psychological concept of the bystander effect. This concept has been thought to happen due to factors of diffusion of responsibility, social influence, audience inhibition, and an overall lack of a sense of community (Chekroun, P., 2002).
New York Times reported a story of a woman who was stabbed and died in the middle of the road in a section of New York City. The public failed to assist the woman although there were more than thirty-eight witnesses. Such cases of murders are rare, but this incident received little public attention. It was only when the New York Times covered it that the public began to gain attention. The murderer…
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