Why Some Projects Succeed and Others Fail Essay

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IT PROJECT SUCCESS: WHY SOME PROJECTS SUCCEED AND OTHERS FAIL INTRODUCTION What is Project success? Sounds an easy enough question to answer and if you ask 10 people I’m sure you will get varying answers as success is relative. How do you plan for success when you don’t know what success is, basically before you even start you have set yourself on the path to succeeding, in failure that is. Baccarini(1999,p.25) explains project success as two headed, on one head is the project management success and on another head is the project product success. Project management success borders on the process of project management in respects to the time, cost and overall quality. As (Pinkerton 2003,p.337) explains time, cost and quality are the…show more content…
Topics such as Agile project management, Waterfall/Traditional project management and Risk Management will be covered and the importance of each aforementioned topic to Project success and failure will be discussed. THE WATERFALL AND AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT APPROACHES In the last 20 years project management has had a big makeover in terms of its application to Information Technology and Information Systems design. The traditional aka waterfall project methodology came about from a different era and species of projects i.e. The Engineering basically the Civil and the Industrial domain. In those days the Waterfall method was sufficient, ‘’however today, developing systems is much more than just engineering the most technically correct or “best” system. In some cases, what we as users may want is not the “best” system. Frequently, what we really want is the most practical system that is focused on and addresses our particular needs’’ (Cervone H. Frank, 2011) If IT development is considered in terms of traditional project management it becomes visibly clear that the two don’t match. Take for example the effort put into the initial planning phase of a project that utilizes the traditional method, it’s both time and resource exhausting that by the time any development work can even start at least 50% of the resources allocated to the project have been used up and also the requirement
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