Why Some Schools Don 't Have Bullies Article Essay

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Sum Q Assignment 10 The why some schools don’t have bullies article focus on finding solutions to eradicate bullying. Bullying is repeated acts of unwanted aggression and abuse of power that take a wide variety of forms. Some of the forms of bullying are physical and verbal aggression which can be categorized as direct or indirect behavior. When direct physical bullying occurs, it will involve someone being attacked physically through punching, kicking and stomping, whereas when indirect physically bullying occurs, it will involve someone being excluded from the group and destroying their possessions or stealing items. When direct verbal bullying occur, it will involve name-calling and verbal abuse where derogatory language and insensitive remarks are made, whereas indirect verbal bullying will involve spreading rumors and talking about someone while they are not present. According to the Cleveland research that was conducted during the 1980’s, teachers reported bullying to be a common occurrence. The children involved in the survey were divided into five categories which are anxious bullies, bullies, provocative victims, victims, and bullies and victims. The psychological effects of bullying can be detrimental and have an emotional effect on children who are anxious bullies, provocative victims, and bully/victims. Even though the percentages are low in each category, the numbers are still high since the goal is to prevent bullying. When analyzing school factors,
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