Why Special Needs Students Should Be Mainstreamed

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Why special needs students should be mainstreamed What is Mainstreaming? According to (Mainstreaming: The Special Needs Child Goes to School), Mainstreaming means that the special needs child attends a regular classroom along with students who are his or her actual (not development) age. Mainstreaming means that the child is not kept isolated in a special class, away from peers, but is included just like everyone else. Most children that have physical disabilities, learning difficulties, or emotional issues are placed into Special Education classes. In these classes, there are teachers who are there to help them exceed in things they normally would not be able to do. Every student is different and every child has their own disabilities. Each individual’s case can differ from being mild, moderate, to extremely severe. (Mainstreaming Special Education in the Classroom) Regardless of the issues they might face, it does not make their importance any less. “Each student’s abilities and deficits must be examined against the pros and cons of mainstreaming to come up with an optimal choice on a case by case basis.” (Brighthub Edu) There are individuals’ opinions on (www.debate.org) where they argue on whether students with special needs should be mainstreamed, and on one of the comments a person stated “Their rights are not more important than those of the normal children” No, they are not more important, but they are equally important. On another comment an individual said
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