Essay on Why State Aid Applicants Need To Be Drug Tested Persuasive

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[Your Name] [Instructor] [Class] [Date] Why state aid applicants need to be drug tested Introduction Every year, more and more states in the country require that state aid applicants undergo drug testing. And every time a new state implements this regulation, more and more people express disapproval over the law for different reasons. For sure, some of their ideas are valid and do make a lot of sense. But when seen in a positive light, drug testing state aid applicants can actually make this place a fairer place, both for honest taxpayers and legit welfare claimants. body I. Drug testing state aid applicants do not bully the needy. When a person in need is required to undergo a drug test before qualifying for a state aid, that person…show more content…
It only means that they are no different than other groups. Drug use is so rampant that everyone, no matter where they stand in society, could be using drugs without being suspected. The poor should not be exempted from this simply because they are poor and are already vulnerable. The reason why they need to be drug tested is so that those who really need state aid would get the help they need while those who would only spend the money on drugs would be eliminated from the list. If a person would use drugs, he or she can’t make honest taxpayers to pay for his or her vice. Furthermore, those who truly need the aid will be identified and be given priority. When CONCLUSION Drug testing welfare applicants shouldn’t be seen as a degrading process for the poor. In fact it is for them that this law has been made. When drug users are out of the picture, those who honestly need state aid would be identified. This way, we can all make sure that government money goes to those who really need it. After all, the government makes new laws year because we don’t live in a perfect world. If humanity were perfectly honest all the time, we wouldn’t even need a government. But because some people are actually prowling around like hungry lions, ready to take advantage of loopholes, we need to improve our laws to remain protected from abusers. WORKS CITED Rector,

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