Why Stay with Gasoline Engine Cars When You Can Go Electric? Essay

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Every couple years, there have been new innovations. Nikole Tesla inventing the Tesla Coil and the remote control, among many other things even though the government alleged did not want him to bring his inventions to the world that did not stop him from creating. When Steve Jobs decided to bring Apple products and services to the world, the public did not care for him or what he was able to offer, but that did not stop him from creating one of the greatest companies known to man. Now there is Elon Musk, rocket scientist and co-founder of Paypal. From the company he co-founded, he officially began to use his earnings from Paypal to bring Tesla Motors to the world. Steve Jobs, Nikole Tesla and Elon Musk all have one thing in common; people…show more content…
Mr. Musk said, in the next two to three years Tesla Motors plans to make their electric cars price range from about 30 thousand to 35 thousand dollars. These more affordable electric cars will be 20% smaller than the Tesla model S but the cars themselves will still be able to travel 200 to 250 miles with one single charge. By then Tesla Motors plans to have supercharge networks positioned throughout the US and Europe, allowing Tesla vehicles to be able to drive across the United States. Old auto industries hate that Tesla Motors are bringing these new innovations to the forefront as it disrupts their idea of the ‘perfect auto industry’, which includes the worst car salesmen, okay safety, somewhat bad service and wasting money on gas energy compared to what Tesla Motors is trying to bring which tops all of that. “If you fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you are going to run out of gas.” Said by Steve Maraboli, who is the author of Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience. In the beginning, individuals told Mr. Musk that his companies, which are: SpaceX, Solar City and Tesla Motors would possibly fail at everything they’re attempting to bring to the new world. Tesla Motors takes the word energy to another level. Instead of the basic gas cars that all auto companies take part in making, Tesla makes all electric cars no fuel. The electricity that powers Tesla’s vehicles is sourced from nuclear plants, natural gases, hydroelectric, coal

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