Why Std Should Be Allowed In Schools

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When a child is growing up, they go through many changes. When they go through these changes in their early life, they expect to be guided or to be helped by their parents. Before the child attend school, and is introduced to another environment, they have already grown a high sense of understanding within their parents. This means, they are very comfortable with approaching them with difficulties he/she face throughout life or even personal information he/she need to be informed about. This sense of trust, understanding, and security carries with the child all through his/her life. So, even when he/she is attending school, there are certain things the parent's child will come to them about instead of any teachers or any other supervision…show more content…
As in STDs, they teach the children different types of sexually transmitted disease, how they occur, their symptoms, and the image of the disease. The only problem with that is they do not explain the chance of risks engaging in sexual activities. They do not provide the students with the fact that one in four sexually transmitted disease cases diagnosed each year involves teenagers. As for pregnancies, they do discuss the risk of becoming pregnant. But, they do not discuss what affect a pregnancy at such a young age could bring. Or even, how much of a life changing situation it is.

On the other hand, many believe sex education should be a high priority in schools. Their beliefs leads them to think the effectiveness of this material being taught in schools could reduce teen pregnancies, the rate of STDs, and also would not increase sexual activity. To support, there are more than 135 non-profit organizations whose common goal is to provide sex education to the young. Researchers believe that the sex education taught in schools could reduce the amount of sex partners, delay student's first time, and also increase protection by increasing the use of
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