Why Stereotypes Are Bad And What You Can Do About Them

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In today’s mainstream society, the media creates various of negative thoughts and stereotypes in different forms. These forms include class, gender, and sexuality. Day by day images or videos go viral creating these negative issues spreading like wildfire throughout the web. For instance, if an image or meme is created and posted online of someone who is identifies themselves as something other than straight, or someone from a low-class people go and share these images just for their entertainment. Instead of society, trying to eliminate this type of media they are promoting it. It is quite rare when someone stands up for someone who is being negatively affected by this. A website named AAUW with their motto being “Empowering women since 1881”. There motto there is quite strong it gives a short description what they are about. An article composed by AAUW named “Why Stereotypes Are Bad and What You Can Do about Them” is a strong article that explains what are stereotypes, why should we care about stereotypes and biases, and what we can do to combat stereotypes and bias. Articles and website like this should be shared more thought out society in order to put an end to gender stereotypes. What are stereotypes? Well many people can say stereotypes are just things society makes up in order to make a class, race or gender look bad while others say stereotypes are accurate on how those certain people really portray. According to, AAUW a stereotype is a connive

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