Why Steroids Should Be Banned In Sports

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Steroids should be banned from all sport activities! This is an important topic because athletes from all over the world haven been caught cheating by using performance enhancing drugs. By doing that they are not only disrespecting the sport they participate in but they are disrespecting the other athletes, and especially their own body because there are side effects of steroids use. Steroids have caused a lot of damage to athletes but not only them also the ones who consume it. People who tend to take steroids have been labeled as cheaters and cowards which is not a good reputation for anybody. Steroids have been a problem in sports for a very long time, all sports organizations have tried to stop the use of steroids but somehow people still manage to get away from it. The people who use steroids have an upper hand then everyone else, they can help with an athlete performance even with healing. Steroids should be banned from all competition not only just for the reason that it help people cheat the system but because it ruins a lot of people’s health by using these embarrassing drugs. The people who use steroids are labeled as cheaters! When steroids users get caught they usually get destroyed on social media by getting labeled a cheater, a coward, an embarrassment to the sport etc. Brock Lesnar is an example of cheater, he was caught using a drug that helped his performances in the octagon when he faced Mark Hunt in UFC 200. Lesnar was fined a year suspension and $250,000 fine for the use of steroids, due to his suspension he is now working for the WWE an organization that yells out steroids. The UFC has yet to make any more statements about Brock Lesnar due to his embarrassment on a huge card such as UFC 200. Steroids haven’t really been stopped in any way as much as organizations would like. A lot of athletes tend to still use steroids even when they know they are banned. Since they haven’t found a solution to stop the use of steroids teen’s have been taking steroids to help build muscle or have great performances. According to Fox News Health a new study shows that about five percent of middle and high schools students have used anabolic steroids. This study also indicates that many student athletes

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