Why Stigma Is A Profound Effect On A Person Affected By Hiv / Aids

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This essay will discuss why stigma has a profound effect on a person affected by HIV/AIDS. It will first look at the definitions of stigma and explain the process and types of stigma. It will explain how people with HIV/AIDS can be affected by stigma. It will then look at the key characteristics found in stigma and explain why people with HIV/AIDS are stigmatised. It will further look at how stigma may have affected a person with HIV/AIDS in the 1980’s compared to how it may affect a person post 2000. It will explain why there may be differences between how a person with HIV/AIDS might have been stigmatised in the 1980’s and how they are stigmatised post 2000. Lastly, it will look at the potential effects of stigmatization that a person from a particular risk group with HIV/AIDS living in Asia could have compared to a person from another risk group living in the UK. The two risk groups being men who have sex with men in Asia and injection drug users in the UK. The reasons for these differences will also be explored.
According to (Jonathan Gabe, 2004) Goffman (1963) defines stigma as an attribute that is deeply discrediting and reduces the person being stigmatized from a whole person to a tainted and discounted one. He further makes a distinction between the types of stigma. Stigma of the body is what you can physically see for example a deformity on someone’s face, stigma of someone’s character which you can’t necessarily see like someone being a criminal and last being…

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