Why Street Gangs Exist

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Introduction The reason behind the street gangs has been largely associated with myriad of social and economic reasons. Among the reasons as to why youth join gangs are desperation due to poverty as well as breakdown of a family as a cohesive unit. According to the survey of gang areas, Los Angeles showed identical poverty map within the area. In ss much as there are some other reasons behind youth joining gangs, when critically analyzed it, reveals that such reasons are always directly or indirectly related to family poverty and situations. Examples of these gangs are Surenos and Nortenos whose mode of operation and activities though different, share some similarities. Surenos and Nortenos all engage in criminal activities just like any other gangs where they sell drugs as a source of revenue. Nortenos focus on street distribution of drugs and mainly narcotics on top of engaging in murders, shootings vehicle burglaries, vehicle theft or home invasion burglaries. Surenos engage themselves in various aspects of criminal activities from drug trafficking, homicides, kidnapping, as well as violent instances especially domestic violence against their families and girlfriends. Their criminal activities also involve human trafficking. Many states have faced the high profile Surenos criminal cases, for instance in Washington state in 2011 a Surenos playboy shot at a car show up in Kent Washington and was apprehended thereafter. Nortenos are usually not widely spread across the
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