Why Student Attends Secondary School

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Where a student attends secondary school has a large influence on whether they are able to proceed in higher education. I believe that this is a failing in our educational system, and I want to be a part of changing the injustices in our educational system. These ambitions have led me to believe that diversifying my knowledge of educational systems is imperative and I have chosen to study abroad in Regensburg, Germany in order to receive an international perspective on education. Due to my passion for education and because the study abroad program at Regensburg that I selected will benefit me in achieving my long term goals, I believe I would be a worthy candidate for the 2016 Cassandra Pyle Scholarship. When I was still in the 7th grade, I was sent by my middle school to the local high school to attend classes. My middle school did not offer a rigorous enough curriculum a lack of funds needed to diversify the classes the school district offered. I was not the first student in my district to attend high school classes while still in middle school, in fact, a few students that I knew personally had already done this.. I identified with their frustration when they, as sophomores, had already completed the highest math and English courses the high school offered and there was nothing at a higher level left for them to study in those subjects. I witnessed smart, ambitious, hardworking students in a school system that was unable to meet their needs. However, despite there being
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