Why Student Evaluations Are Influenced By Events

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Journal Article Review 1. What is the reference of the chosen journal article? Format it as if you were adding it to your reference list. Youmans, R. J. & Jee, B. D. (2007). Fudging the numbers: distributing chocolate influences student evaluations of an undergraduate course. Teaching of Psychology, 34, 245-247. doi: 10.1080/00986280701700318 2. What is the research question of interest or aim of the study? The aim of the study was to investigate if whether student evaluations were influenced by events not related to the course. In this instance, three random sections were offered chocolate before doing their evaluations in order to perceive if student evaluations were better from those who were not offered chocolate. 3. What are the hypotheses and do they logically flow from their review of previous studies? The hypothesis is that an external influence would affect the evaluations of students, with the external factor being chocolate. The hypothesis does flow accordingly with previous research, as previous research has indicated that external and internal factors play a role in student evaluations. For example, an internal factor of evaluation can be related to the difficulty of the course (Youmans & Jee, 2007). 4. Why is the study important? Refer to examples to highlight its significance. The study was important because it suggested that student evaluations could be biased based on internal and external factors. For example, a study has found that grading leniency
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