Why Student Is Necessary For Understanding And Keeping The Student Engage

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• By the end of the lesson, student will be able to copy down a sentence and make a simple complete sentence to tell information about the topic.

To determine if the student is able to make a simple complete sentence, I am going to read a very simple story which has a very limited text in the story to show the student the simple sentences contain a subject, a noun, and a verb. I will ask W questions while reading the story to check for understanding and keeping the student engage. After reading, I am going to ask the student to tell me some information relate to the story, then make a simple sentence of what she said, and she copy down my sentence. Afterward, I am encouraging her to make another sentence and try to write it down own her own with my assistances if needed.

• Student pays attention to the teacher while she is reading the story.
• Student is able to answer the W questions such as who, what, why, when, and where.
• Student is able to make a complete sentence to tell information about the topic.
• Student can write out the words by sounding out each letter’s sound.
• Student knows the components of how to make a simple sentence.

Today, we are going to learn how to make a simple sentence. Before us doing that, we are going to read a story about an alligator. Let’s find out what the alligator likes to do, and you are going to tell me something that you like to do as well, just like the alligator. Then, from what you said, we are going to write it down into a…
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