Why Students Cheat : Cheating

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Why Students Cheat Cheating by students no matter their grade level has been a prevalent problem among schools for several years. One discouraging fact for academic institutions is that cheating has only gotten worse not better. Cheating can be carried out in a plethora of ways, such as copying off of other students during a test, copying another students homework, using a cell phone to either text answers or look them up, using crib notes or even copy and pasting whole written works and trying to pass the writing off as their own. Students have invented some adept ways of cheating with the assumption that they will not get caught, after all “everyone is doing it.” Cheating occurs preponderantly among students with a lower GPA, although the smart kids cheat too. Teachers need to find it imperative to understand the reasons that students cheat along with their views of particular forms of cheating so that they can be appropriately equipped to steer the student in a new appropriate direction. Even though a large-scale of students see cheating as unethical, they also try to justify their cheating by claiming the class creates a waste of their time and they have better things to do than study. Cheating is cheating, no matter how the student tries to justify their actions. Apart from the students that are participating, cheating hurts the teachers, future job prospects that assume they are hiring someone qualified to do a job based on the degree they have obtained, which in…
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