Why Students Drop Out Of College

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Life will change through works and an education of each person in the society. Thus, people always have the potential their dream to develop an interest in their goals. Despite, what cause that people drop of college? Most people like getting a degree from a college because it is the main factor to find them the better job and enjoy life towards a brighter future. However, now days, dropping out of college is the major problem in the society and impedient by many students. There are three different seasons that students never finish their college studies such as social problems, illness, and lack of an ability to study. One important reason that students drop out of college is social problems. Everybody have relationships in love at college are very common but they are lack of knowing about their future lives, and sometimes could lead an unwanted situation like have pregnant before marry. Therefore, they will not be able to and have the opportunities to continue studying in college although some still go back for part time study after their son, or daughter born. For example, when the man and a women having an infant. The women tends to usually busier with the baby from feeding them, changing clothes such as diapers and caring about their child health condition, and the man need to find a job that is able to have enough money to supports their family as a result couples who fall in this situation usually drop out of college and continue on their life working a low pay job
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