Why Students Drop Out Of College

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One of the number one reasons why students drop out of college is because of the financial struggles with college tuition. Without a big scholarship, college tuition costs can be a very scary thing to students. Some students do not even try to get into college because they know they cannot afford it. In order to pay for college students would have to work a full time job while attending school. Doing so is a very hard and stressful task to accomplish. Three of the main cons of providing free college tuition include rising taxes, student taking advantage of the opportunity, and the cost of expanding colleges including the demands for professors. Pros includes an opportunity for everyone and graduating from college debt free. Although an alternative to free tuition may mean a dramatic rise in taxes, our economy will benefit in the long run due to students coming out of college debt free, as well as more knowledge in specific career fields. The main purpose of college is to gain knowledge in a career field so students can be prepared to go out in the real world and work to better their lives which in return should better the economy. So, why are we not helping our fellow people to achieve this? It is truly an unfair cycle. Why should we penalize students who grew up in an unstable situation who do not have much of a chance at going to college and doing better for themselves? However, why should middle class come out of college with 30,000 dollars or more in debt while paying…
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