Why Students Learn Best By Having Someone Or Something?

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I believe students learn best by having someone or something they can relate to. This allows the learning to be more meaningful to them. Learning can be a very enlightening experience and when given the proper tools the sky can be the limit. As an educator I plan to make my classroom very warm and inviting. I plan to provide my students with the skills and knowledge they need to not only be successful in my classroom, but to be successful as lifelong learners. Education means something different to everyone, but it can be a very empowering process that allows and guides students to develop their passion, critical thinking, compassion, and orientation to compete in a global marketplace. Education and learning should prepare young people for…show more content…
Secondly, to know truth is through science. Science is simply the pursuit of knowledge, the study of what we know and the quest to know more ( Therefore, all scientific study must by necessity be founded upon the belief that there are objective realities existing in the world and these realities can be discovered and proven. The very laws of science are founded on the existence of truth (Dunn, 2005).
Finally, to know truth is by religion. All the religions of the world attempt to give meaning and definition to life. They are born out of mankind’s desire for something more than simple existence. Through religion, humans seek God, hope for the future, forgiveness of sins, peace in the midst of struggle, and answers to our deepest questions. Religion is really evidence that mankind is more than just a highly evolved animal. It is evidence of a higher purpose and of the existence of a personal and purposeful Creator who implanted in man the desire to know Him. And if there is indeed a Creator, then He becomes the standard for truth, and it is His authority that establishes that truth (Dunn, 2005).
Fortunately, there is such a Creator, and He has revealed His truth to us through His Word, the Bible. Knowing truth is only possible through a personal relationship with the One who claims to be the Truth—Jesus Christ.
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