Why Students Should Bad Grades Mean No Sports?

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Should poor grades mean no sports? Well, if you do ailing in school what would be the alternative? There are some students who would disagree with this statement, even though, students should get good grades in order to take part in activities. Did you know 69% of people say students should receive exceptional grades in order to play sports and 31% disagree? There are heavily weighted sides because people have trouble knowing what is right and what is wrong because this is such a hot topic. Students must earn extraordinary grades. Students will have more opportunities in the future, students will have a fall back career, and finally sports are a privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted.
The first reason why students should need to get
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Dr. Phil stated that “Look at the statistics: A high school senior's chance of making it to the NCAA is one in 35. If he's still playing in the NCAA when he's a senior, his chance of getting in the NBA is one in 75. And a high school senior's chance of going directly to the NBA is one in 3,400. There are less than 5,000 jobs in all professional sports, period. Odds are, he's going to need real world work skills, and he's going to need the education to get those.” This comes to show that you will have a fallback career if you work hard and get good grades to play school sports. After finding information on this topic stated that “This incongruence can ruin their chance of going to a good college and getting a professional job. Therefore, students must have good grades to play sports.” This quote was chosen because it is stated that you should get good grades so, then you will get a good job if anything happens. Sports can turn into your career and then you can make millions of dollars. But, Even if your child loves sports they are amazing and that can be their career and won’t need to focus so much on school. But only a very few people go professional in the world. There are millions of people in the world and only a certain amount can become a pro. Students should have good grades in order to play sports to have a fallback…show more content…
Ken Tilley stated that “School performance is very important. It opens the doors to many opportunities, such as college and better jobs.” This is saying that if you do good in school, then you will do good in your future. Plus, Eddie Griffin stated, ” every year, many talented players miss out on the chance to top-level football because of their failure to meet academic requirements.” This is saying the sport is a privileged because everyone can try out and not make it, but people can’t make it because of their academics. Even, though it can give better chances sports can still be better than so much hard work and school for the kids. Well, even if you think that how would they get to the pros without good grades. If a child has horrible grades, then colleges might not want that on the field to make people have poor influence. But, People can’t take school sports for granted or else they will take life for granted. Then school sports won’t become an enormous
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