Why Students Should Be A Foreign Language

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Different cultures are found all throughout the world which all use different languages to communicate. Students in different countries have many opportunities to learn any language they desire; however, in America, there are not as many opportunities as other countries. No matter the country, students should be given the chance to learn whatever language their heart desires, and students should be able to travel to different countries to become appreciative of the country they are visiting. It is important for students to learn different languages to help their minds grow not only in an academic field, but also in the ethnicity and diversity of different countries is an accomplishment of a lifetime. All students should have to be fluent in a foreign language because becoming fluent in a foreign language enables students to divulge into other cultures and has an impact on their intelligence. Analyzing these ideas can bring new information to light for parents who are considering having their children learn a foreign language. It is essential for young minds to develop to their fullest. The next generation is what will keep everyone alive when the generations before are in nursing homes or are unable to create the necessary technology to move forward. Starting children at a young age with foreign languages will give them the initiative to continue to learn the language throughout the rest of their schooling. According to linguistic professionals and professor from Iowa
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