Why Students Should Get A High Score

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Every student in the world hopes to get a high score in class. She or he has a wonderful dream to get a high score because she or he wants to complete her or his studying by getting a scholarship from her or his country or from her or his family. Therefore, she or he tries to do hard work to get the scholarship. In addition, some of them need to get a high score because they want to work at a famous company in the future. On the other hand, some students also need to get a high score because their parents want that. A student would be sad if she or he did not get a high score because a student worked hard during the semester. These are some points why a student wants to get a high score. Therefore, there are many steps that can help each…show more content…
For example, a student can take a shower, get dressed, and take her or his books. Then, she or he needs to eat breakfast such as eggs and honey and drink milk because breakfast gives her or his body energy to work hard and feel awake during the day. According to Ackuaku-Dogbe and Abaidoo in the article “Breakfast Eating Habits among Medical Students,” “Often breakfast is thought to be the most important meal of the day as it is known to provide energy for the brain and improve learning. It is also known to contribute significantly to the total daily energy and nutrient intake” (66). Breakfast is important because it gives students energy and improves their brain. All in all, this is the first step that can help each student to get a great score. The second step for getting high grades is coming to class and taking notes. Coming to class on time is one of the most important parts for a student to take a high score. Some teachers or professors put huge grades for attending to their classes and some none. In addition, it is helpful for each student to come to class on time because she or he does not lose any part from a lecture. Therefore, each student should come to class on time, and a student tries to get all attendance grades because they supports her or his grades. After that, she or he needs to take notes which a teacher or a professor gives her or him during each class. According to van der Meer in the article “Students ' Note-Taking
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