Why Students Should Not Be A College Education Essay

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“I went to college because it was what I thought I was supposed to do”, is something that is often heard from students when they are asked why they went to college. Society has predefined a direction in life for human beings that is believed to be the mantra for success. A student typically goes from high school to a college and further after college takes up a job. It hardly comes as a surprise as to why students fail to attach a reason to pursue a college education, as every student is expected to go to college and follow the same direction to be successful in life. The choice of what to do after school is deemed as a matter of employability and the accepted notion states that college is missing piece to the jigsaw that will turn the lives around for people whereas failure to achieve a college education will leave the person incapable of flourishing in the outside world. However, the biggest mistake in this system lies at the very beginning- designing the same path for every student. Every student is different from the others and every student has different goals and ambitions. Whereas one student wants to become a chemical engineer, another has a strong passion for football. So, not all students should be encouraged to pursue a college education, as universities offer a one-size-fits-all education model geared only toward certain careers, failing to help students with interests outside typical academic fields to prosper in life. While the core purpose of college

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