Why Students Should Not Start At High School

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When the end of senior year of high school comes around there are two decisions to make: to get a job or go to school full-time. Of course getting a job is what everyone wants to do, but sometimes it is easier said than done. In some cases, some people cannot handle going to college and having a job. However, some people do try to handle both, but eventually grades will start to slip. Most kids in high school do not take it as serious as they should. High school is only the beginning of the rest of a person 's life. Some might ask, why not have a job in school? When students think of reasons of why not have a job and go to school, they would say that they could still get paid for doing work, putting in hours of time to complete a task, and the stress that comes along with doing the task.
With that being said, there are three reasons why students should not go to school and have a job. The first is, that even though students do not get paid up front, there will be grants, and scholarships available. Time and effort must be put forth to obtain a high grade point average. Not everyone can handle the stress of school. Therefore, if college is in the picture then the best option is to try hard to obtain as many scholarships, and grants that are available. If students receive scholarships and grants, they will not be as stressed as the person who is going to school and has a full time job trying to pay for their schooling. There are grants for almost all professions. “smart…
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