Why Students Should Not Volunteer At School

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Some schools require students to participate in volunteer programs in their community in order to graduate. Is this reasonable? Students should not have to volunteer to receive their diploma. School systems should not make student volunteer because it defeats the purpose of volunteering, students may be incapable of volunteering, and they have already worked four years for their diploma.

The first reason students should not volunteer is because it defeats the purpose of volunteering. If students are forced to do something they are not going to put in as much effort as they would if they had decided to volunteer on their own. Volunteering is about helping people and if the students do not chose to volunteer they are not doing it because they want to help their community they are doing it because they have to to get their diploma. This is one reason volunteering should not be required to graduate.
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High school students are really busy it is hard for them to find time for thing like volunteering. A lot of students have afterschool jobs or practices. They might not get home until seven or eight o’clock. Transportation could also be an issue for students. If they don’t have there own car it might be hard for the to get to the place they have to volunteer. That is the second reason students should not be obliged to
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