Why Students Should Stay In High School

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Throughout high school, students yearn to graduate and start school at the college of their choice. The students want to make it past high school and to college, but once they look at the expansive options available the daunting feeling of indecision becomes present. One of the decisions that offers many different options during college is where the students live; dorms, on campus apartments, off campus apartments, and living at home are the four main options. Each option contains both positive and negative factors, which can make it hard to decide. Every student is different and must consider what is important to them when they are choosing where they want to live during college. To decide, each student might want to look at key factors that…show more content…
Each college and town sets their own prices for their living options, but comparatively the price difference between options is the same. When choosing where to stay during college, the first option would be living at home, which would be free unless a student’s parents made them pay rent. Of course, when students stay at home there are other components that still cost money: “There is often an added cost of gas, public transportation, and parking fees that may rival the cost of living on campus, depending on how far you live from your school” (Johnston). While living at home does save a significant amount of money, it can still cost a lot if the student’s house is far away from campus. Conversely, off campus apartments can be exceedingly expensive. If students look at the rent per month, it might seem like a cheap option, but “when you factor in groceries, internet, TV, gas, heating, and electric, you may end up spending a lot more each month living on your own than you would on campus” (IPFW). At first, prospective students might not realize that to be independent and live in off campus apartments it takes a lot of money, which is why students should check out prices before they make their decision. Ultimately, dorms, with on campus apartments closely following, are the cheapest option if a student wants to live away from their home. Dorms are usually a couple thousand
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