Why Students Should Wear School Uniforms

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Why Public Schools Should Require Uniforms Why should students be separated into groups depending on what brand their clothes are from? School uniforms give all students an equal chance to be labeled by their character and not by the price or brand of their attire. Contrary to popular belief school uniforms do not put a hindrance to a student’s individuality but encourages them to be more creative in showing it. Uniforms should be required in public schools considering they level the playing field, reinforce a sense of community, make schools safer, and pushes students to find other ways to show individuality. There are a ton of upsides of school uniforms that most people usually overlook. For example, “[u]niforms can be reused and recycled” (“Should Students Have to Wear School Uniforms?”).Families with more than one student in different grades can even use the “hand me down” system. By reusing and handing down uniforms it would save parents money instead of buying a new uniform each year. Another way parents could save money from school uniforms is by not having to buy new school clothes for each school year. Money saved on uniforms can also go towards more educational things like schools supplies or books since it’s “less expensive than buying a whole wardrobe” (Spencer). Another upside that people mostly parents and students overlook is that school uniforms actually increase safety in schools. It’s believed that it’s easier for some students to use baggy clothes to hide weapons and drugs (“Would School Uniforms Improve our School?”). By enforcing school uniforms in public schools, it would decrease the chance of any illegal actions since it’d be harder to hide illegal weapons or substances. Having school uniforms would also make it almost impossible for “gangs” to form on school grounds since everyone would be wearing the same thing. Intruders could also easily be identified among students since they’re all dressed alike, and that could decrease chances of school violence such as shootings. Contrary to popular belief school uniforms do not limit student’s rights. School uniforms actually help encourage student’s to show individuality in many more effective ways. For example, students could be

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