Why Students Wearing School Uniforms

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The issue of uniformity has become of concern to many in our contemporary societies. Different views have emerged on the same with some criticizing and some supporting the idea of students wearing uniforms in schools. Below are the discussed reasons that tend to explain the importance of students wearing uniforms in school. “The prevalence of uniforms in public schools continues to rise in the United States, as parents and school administrators exert efforts to keep our school’s safe environments. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 20% of all public schools have adopted uniform mandates.” (Public School Review).
To begin with, wearing of uniforms by the students increase their safety not only within but also
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Furthermore, wearing uniform in schools enhances school pride, unity and a sense of belonging. Students in uniforms tend to feel they belong to a specific group. They develop a sense of care, respect and a feeling of being important in the society. They build the perception of belonging to their school community unlike their counterparts wearing “street” clothes. The feeling of being identified by a specific group promotes their ego and a spirit of togetherness among their peers. They tend to appreciate the feeling of belonging to specific elite group making them embrace the sense of being somewhat a special lot in the society. Likewise, teachers to realize an increased level of respect, trust and care among their students. As a result, this in a way can help improve their self-esteem and their perception on society at large hence the sense of togetherness. The student 's role in that context is to learn, not to express individual personality traits by way of attire, behaviour or remarks. Once that principle is agreed upon, a uniform dress code simply supports the norm, and then learning can begin. “Every public school should have a standard dress code. It makes it a lot easier on the parents, puts all the kids on even terms and instils structure in youth.” (USA Today).
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