Why Study Thucydides

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It is important to study Thucydides because Thucydides can help us to understand the way politics work in the world today.This should come later – it is not an introduction to a whole paper – always assume your reader is not familiar with your topic In his book titled, The History of the Peloponnesian War, Thucydides brings to light, some of the causes of the war, as well as some of the consequences of the war. (This is a good opening sentence. It introduces the reader to the topic) Thucydides analyzed the Peloponnesian War on a deeper level (what do you mean?) to help us understand why and how things occur in the world. The world has a better understanding of war and politics in general because of Thucydides. Thucydides’ account of The…show more content…
Good!! Empires can fall at any point. It has happened before, and it can happen again. Athens was a very wealthy and powerful state in Greece, but after their defeat in the war at Syracuse, Athens was completely destroyed (Thucydides Book VI, p.26). After the defeat of Athens by Syracuse, Thucydides stated, “ They were beaten at all points and all together; all they suffered was great; they were destroyed , as the saying is, with a total destruction, their fleet, their army, everything was destroyed, and few of many returned home…”(Thucydides Book VI, p. 26). Excellent quote. So, essentially what we learn from the defeat of Athens is that countries are not inevitable to destruction.(I do not understand this phrase) No matter how strong a country is, it can still collapse. Yes – very good!! History tends to repeat itself throughout the years, and Looking back on at past events can help us understand why some things occur and how we can resolve certain issues. The Peloponnesian War was a significant event that occurred in history, and a lot of the events that occurred throughout the war have helped us to understand politics better. Thucydides’ documentation and interpretation of some of the events of the war have helped us to understand why states make the decisions they do, and some of the implications of those decisions. It is useful to know why states make the decisions that they do because their decisions can impact the actions of other
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