Why Surgery Is The Best Option For You

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“I believe surgery would be the best option for you” the orthopedic doctor said. A few minutes after that he left the room to go get the checkout paperwork, and a referral to see a surgeon. At the time surgery was the last thing on my mind. A few months earlier a close family friend, Dana Griswold, had decided to discontinue her cancer treatment because it was too difficult on her body. The days leading up to her death Dana had been rapidly deteriorating and everyone knew that she would pass away soon. At the time I was angry at God because Dana did not deserve cancer at all. She was the nicest person I had ever met. I had been waiting to see Dana for weeks; she did not want anyone to see her sick. I was finally going to get to see her after that doctor’s appointment to say goodbye and I was impatiently waiting for that doctor to bring back the paperwork so I could leave. My mom was receiving updates about every 15 minutes from Gina, Dana’s sister, and I could grasp by the look on her face that Dana was not doing well. I was trying not to cry because I knew that she was going to die quickly. My mom handed me the phone, and as I started reading the text messages my heart dropped. “All the family is here saying their goodbyes and she will probably be gone in the next hour.” I immediately started crying and praying. I was praying that God would not take such an extraordinary woman from us so rapidly. That sounds truly selfish now that I think about it because she was…
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