Why Surrogacy Is Wrong

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Opponents argue that surrogacy is putting a price tag on women and their ability to bear children. They also view it as unfair for the child conceived, more as it is essentially putting a value on the child. They support this with the example shown here, “the decision of one couple to conceive a child to use their bone marrow as a donor for its sibling” (Pyton). Even recently, surrogacy has been an issue with gay marriage being legal. Critics argue that children should be raised by a mother and a father, but often surrogacy is used to help gay couples have children. Also, throughout surrogacy many problems could arise. In fact, 20 percent of embryo fertilizations end in miscarriages (Pyton). There is only a one in five chance of birth with no complications.…show more content…
The doctor that performed the in vitro fertilization mixed up the couple’s embryos. Not only does this happen with surrogacy, but also with other infertility procedures. In 1989, "a Tennessean divorces his wife went to court to stop her from becoming pregnant with fertilized eggs them, as a couple had put in frozen storage” (Pyton). Overwhelmingly, opponents even go as far as comparing surrogacy with prostitution; both include women using their bodies to get money. It creates a situation where women rent out their wombs for wealthy couples that can afford it. To sum this up, surrogacy is unclear, plus has no strict laws in the United States making surrogacy even harder for
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