Why Symmetric Key Cryptography Alone Can Not Resolve Internet Security Issue?

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1) Discussion board I. Why symmetric key cryptography alone cannot resolve Internet security issue? Ans: Symmetric encryption,although fast, suffers from several problems in the modern digital communication environment including The biggest problem is that of a single key that must be shared in pairs of each sender and receiver. In a distributed environment with large numbers of combination pairs involved in many-to-one communication topology, it is difficult for the one recipient to keep so many keys in order to support all communication. The size of the communication space presents problems. Because of the massive potential number of individuals who can carry on communication in a many-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many topologies supported by the Internet for example, the secret-key cryptography, if strictly used, requires billions of secret keys pairs to be created, shared, and store So it cannot resolve the issues in internet security alone. i. why is it important to study the Feistel cipher? Ans. Feistel cipher can be used to approximate the simple substitution cipher by utilizing the concept of a product cipher, which is the performing of two or more basic ciphers in sequence in such a way that the final result or product is cryptographically stronger than any of the component ciphers. ii. List ways in which symmetric keys can be distributed to two communicating parties. Ans.  A can select a key and physically deliver it to B.  A third party can select

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