Why Take A Year Off From School

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The feeling of uncertainty is an unpleasant emotion that can terrify an individual. It can make you feel empty and lost, and scare you to hide, never wanting to be found. It is an emotion that constantly overwhelmed me in the months following my decision to take a year off from school. I was naïve to believe taking a year off from school was the answer to my problems. I assumed the concept of “time” would help me gradually solve my concerns for my future career. But as a matter of fact, I became more hesitant and confused as time passed along. I began questioning myself more on the matter. It seemed like a never-ending cycle.
However, taking a year off from school had it up-sides. I got to experience, firsthand, how it felt to live in the real world. I got a job as a sale associate and soon learned the responsibility of working. Every day, I was responsible for waking up early, dressing appropriately, arriving on time, helping customers and working diligently. Working allowed me to reinforce my knowledge of responsibility, improve my communication skills, mature, and grow mentally stronger for when the time
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With an education in Rutgers, I’m confident, that along the way, it’ll help to discover my potential by allowing me to have a better understanding of myself and career path I wish to pursue in life. Then, I would no longer have the need to feel uncertain and anxious any more. Also, from studying in such a vast campus with such a diverse student body, extracurricular activities, and clubs, I’ll give me the opportunity to engage with other students and form friendships with the most unsuspected people in the most unexpected places, similar to my experience at work with Carlos. Hence, Rutgers’s noteworthy education system and unlimited programs providing an endless possibility for my unforeseeable
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