Why Talking About Corporate Governance

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Why talking about corporate governance? Good “corporate governance" is synonymous with “good business management”, that reinforcing surveillance systems, management and administration of a company, making them efficient, effective, honest, transparent and democratic. A company with high quality management will have access to financing (public or private) in better conditions and terms. Make appropriate business decisions to reach a higher level of accounting transparency, more efficiently manage business problems, and gives people, who are not involved in decision making, guaranteed that their interests are well protected. But the most important, perhaps, it is a good implementation of "corporate governance" will be translate into a company more ordered, correctly planning of their strategies and objectives, in addition to strength, liquidity and highly competitive. Furthermore, each company has different objectives and seeks their own benefit. When they have in common, corporate governance practices, it influences the economy of a country, and therefore growth in their development. It because the investors or financial institutions abroad, will be more attracted to inject resources. Consequently, the company will access to better conditions in the international capital markets, being, ultimately, less exposed to the economic crisis. Who 's in charge? This is a difficult question to answer, the current "underlying theoretical concepts" are applied in order to understand
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