Why Tattoos Cause A Psychological And Physical Addiction

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The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. Also known as an addiction. Your immediate thought may be drugs, but I believe the drive to acquire tattoos and piercings is addictive. Others debate that it fails to meet a real definition of an addiction and can simply can only be a passion. It questions the true nature of an addiction, can addiction be psychological or must it be an element of chemical dependence, something more physical? If your willing to broaden the definition of addition, then you will see there are multiple reasons why tattoos cause a psychological and physical addiction to many people around the world.

The reasons one may get a tattoo varies from person to person, just as much as the art a person would choose to put on their body. Your body’s physical reaction to tattoos varies in the same way. A portion of the human nervous system in known as the sympathetic nervous system, this part of the system that is responsible for triggering that fight or flight response, which includes releasing adrenaline in response to pain. That release of adrenaline follows the painful process of getting a tattoo the whole entire time, which leads to a person becoming addicted constantly looking for ways to feel that way again, and of course getting another tattoo is one of the easiest ways to retrieve such feeling repeatedly. Which is why endless amounts of people end up not being able to stop
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