Why Teacher Development Is Important

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Why Teacher Development is Important Teacher Development is important because- • Teacher’s professional development is key to meeting today’s educational demands. • Educators or Teachers must keep abreast of the important advances that are occurring in education. • Teachers are learning new instructional strategies, adopting new programs, new assessments. Teacher Welfare in SPS International SPS International provides a conducive working environment for its staff. Several schemes and welfare programmes support the teacher’s carrier growth and personal fulfilment. • Staff members are eligible for Provident Fund as per the rules of the scheme. Staff members contribute an amount per month, and an equal amount is contribute by the school. • School offers all staff members a Gratuity plan, where half a month’s salary per year of employment is deposited into Gratuity Fund by the school. This is available upon completing five years of service in the school. • The School insures all staff members against accidents and illness, including hospitalization. • All staff members who are confirmed in the services of the school are offered fee concession for their children studying in the school. This is limited to one child per staff member. • The school organises picnics and excursions for all staff members every year. • The School recognizes meritorious service through service awards. Service awards are given to employees who complete five years of service to the school. SPS
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