Why Television Advertising Is Not Dying It Is Just Changing

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DVRs are not a threat to TV advertising, however, they are transforming the playing field. TV advertising is not dying it is just changing. The way people watch TV has evolved; "TV ads are simply evolving, with the rise of "on demand" TV and ads are being consumed differently" (Blackett, 2012). Since 75 % of US households having a DVR, Netlfix account, or use on-demand (Leichtman Research Group, n.d.), marketers have no choice but to evolve with consumers. With the rise of DVRs, on-demand and streaming TV options, it is no longer just about the 30 second ad, it is about coming up with new innovative ways to evolve with this new way of watching TV. DVRs along with the other various ways for consumers to watch TV are proving to be "the savior of marketers and their agencies" (Fink, 2005). TV advertising messages have become more clever and much easier to track with the plethora of demographic data following TV viewers on the internet. It is human nature to dislike change, however, it is also in our nature to pursue control. When DVRs first started to gain speed, many marketers were terrified since they were accustomed to working with traditional media for so long. Little did they know that DVRs along with the next progressions of TV (streaming TV shows on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc) would be such as asset to the field of marketing. Now they are able to capture their target markets more affectedly than with traditional mass marketing on TV and consumers are able to be in the
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