Why Terrorism Should Be a Global Concern Essay

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The war on terror is at the peak and there are vivid indications that every stone will be turned to halt it. A central assumption is that terrorism is a religious war, apparently between Christians and the Muslims. This is just a moral claim that terrorists are using to attract more people over to their side, as well as create solidarity among the Muslims. As a result, the imagery and the reality of terrorism differ overwhelmingly. There are various terror occurrences around the globe that are similar and can be classified as terrorism. Otherwise, terrorism has been a means to carry on a conflict without the antagonist realizing the nature of the threat, mistaking terrorism for criminal activity. Terrorism should be a global concern…show more content…
Jonah Alexander, a director of Inter-University Centre for Terrorism Studies in Arlington, Virginia says that “the spread of holy terrorism in the name of higher Islamic imperatives is the leading spoiler of Middle Eastern peace” (Alexander 362). He adds that “the spread of ‘Sacred’ Islamic values is becoming the most serious challenge to regional and global stability” (Alexander 361).This shift will create more rivalry as people will automatically fall on one side. On top of that, there is likelihood that terrorists will make neutral nations their battle ground, thereby getting them to be indirectly involved. It is, therefore, important that terrorism be considered a global issue. It should be made a global concern because terrorists use religion as a justification. The use of religion as a justification for terrorist activities is one reason terrorism should be a global concern. The war on terror is getting more complicated as terrorists are diverting the reason for the war to appear like a religious war of Christians against the Muslims. This is a technique they are using to attract more people and as a justification. Alexander says, “Holy terrorism in the name for higher Islamic imperatives is the leading spoiler for Middle Eastern peace” (Alexander 361). In his example we can see that a Name 3 whole region reigns in conflict as a result
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